Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 2014

In light of all the activity that has gone on over the last few days I will attempt to let you all know what prompted the current administration to release the information. However, I am currently preparing for a large fundraiser next week and don't have a lot of free time. Hopefully, this weekend will afford me some time to write. Thank you to all of you who have reached out to me during this time. I'm doing very well and am glad it is finally out in the open. God's grace and mercy to all.


  1. Janet, you have certainly taken the high road in your response to this issue. God has truly done a healing work in your heart. You have made progress that can facilitate healing for many others. Thank you for being that kind of a person. You certainly make this world a better place in sooooo many ways. Rev. Ginny Allen

  2. Ginny Allen- former teacher? I remember! I was so sorry to hear you experienced Miyake in this manner. A total violation of your childhood and of an experience that should have only been positive. I am class of 92 and as we are now being made aware of this, we are discussing it on FB. Hopefully this will bring positive outcomes for anyone who was affected. We all stayed in that house and on the island but so far I have not heard anyone have that experience. We all did think at the times that it was odd he had such a young wife... You and your friend Michlle had such courage to confront him and bring this issue forward to the heads at ASIJ. There were many wonderful moments we all had at ASIJ but no one who is ever victimized and abused should be forced to stay quiet. God Bless to all involved. I had one teacher in 5th grade whom I complained about to my parents because he was teaching sex ed and made comments like "this is what it would look like if one of you girls came up to my desk and opened your legs (he was showing an image of female genitalia)... I was put off by this teacher and never trusted him again. There was also a counselor who was a bit too touchy- feely with us girls... children can sense when an adult is making them feel awkward. I am thankful I never dealt with Mr. Moyer in such a repulsive way and wish for you and all other victims to feel whole and healed as adults.

  3. Hoping to hear the final chapter soon. There are many of us who have read your story and are happy that the school is finally admitting to the gross misconduct of Jack Moyer and the past administration. Thank you for all you have done to bring this to light and for your never ending pursuit of justice.