Monday, March 24, 2014

Post - ASIJ Letter to Alumni and Japan Times Article March 2014

Please forgive me for not having any information up yet about what transpired over the last several months. Again, I promise to have as much as I know up by the end of March. Please think about me as we are hosting a huge fundraiser for HOPE Ministries on March 27. Our goal is to raise $150,000. After I'm finished with the fundraiser then I can rest a bit and begin the REST OF THE STORY. I'm not sure anyone will be totally happy with the outcome. Please continue to advocate for those who can't advocate for themselves. Everyone has their own story. If nothing else, listen to others before you make a judgment. They have their story too. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me. It means a great deal.


  1. Janet, I know that many ASIJ alumni have read your blog, are in full support of you and the other survivors of J's abuse, and are outraged at the administration handling of the situation. I am saddened and angered by what you had to endure from both J and the ASIJ administration. Thank you for your courage in confronting J, for challenging ASIJ, and for going public about a past that I am sure is very painful, especially not knowing what the reaction would be given the non-reaction of others in the past. I hope other survivor's abuse come across your blog detailing your long ordeal and find the courage to confront their past in a way that is therapeutic for them, too. I am shocked that your blog is years old and I am only now being made aware of it. I am confused as to why others weren't spreading the news earlier. I am also confused as to why ASIJ is going public with their admission now, several years after you confronted them, and dozens of years, decades, after they were made aware of the abuse. I am also furious that Mrs. H, the middle school principal in the 80's (who's husband was also an ASIJ administrator) is alleged to have made an executive decision based on no consultation with mental health professionals regarding the safety of continuing to send children to J's island. Are she and her husband still working in education ignoring the emotional, psychological, perhaps physical, safety of children? They should be held accountable, as should other administrators who ignored and suppressed information regarding J's actions against children. Who's to say they aren't continuing their legacy of non-action at another school? Lastly, I was wondering if there was anything the ASIJ alumni could be doing to make ASIJ step up to the plate regarding a public admission regarding their participation in allowing the abuse to continue, or if there is anything else we/I could be doing to help.

  2. Mrs. H was not the only administrator/principal at ASIJ Middle School to ignore Mr. J's problem molesting girls, her predecessor Mr. Scott D. was equally responsible for turning a blind eye towards the allegations and sending ASIL 11-13 year old girls to Miyake. And alumni from 1986-1990's will certainly remember the popular MS counselor who seemed to always be giving 11-13 year old girls back rubs when he was coaching girls athletic teams. This has been well known among students and alumni. ASIJ needed to address these bad apples and turned a blind eye to what was going on.

    1. Durfee? And his wife the nurse/sex ed teacher?

  3. Janet, you had a more recent update dated April 1, but has since been removed. Please upload again.

  4. Janet, I cannot thank you enough for bringing this to light. Sending you support and prayers. Since finding out, my favorite childhood memories have become minefields, and I only wish I had been able to help in some way. I would much rather see ASIJ close its doors entirely, its assets given to the cause of counseling abuse survivors, than see them circle their wagons another day. I am sick to think that our families' trust and financial resources fed this abuse. I would be happy to donate time and money to any efforts to address this. I'm Monique [at] moniqueweston dot com, class of 89. Again, thank you, brave lady, and all good wishes to you and yours.