Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day Fifty-six

After Jack's email to Michele, I was very angry. I couldn't believe he actually turned the responsibility on me. On December 3 at 6:26 a.m. I wrote:


I'm responding to this letter Jack wrote you. It was good for me to read it as I am currently angry about his response. My response to his points:

1. I never said "I do not presume to know your heart"... and then say he was still molesting children. My letter stated, "I do not presume to know your heart, but, I do know from my own experiences my responses to God when my heart is broken and contrite." I guess he just dropped off the last part of that sentence. In fact, the only place in that letter that I said anything about his current possible abuse of children is on Question # 13. "You say you don’t work with children, yet many pictures on the web sites show your involvement with children directly in the ocean or in the programs you say other teachers are leading. How can you prove to me that you are not involved with children any where? Why can’t your “schools” exist without your physical involvement? Your word is tremendously lacking in credibility, how can I be certain that you are not currently molesting any child, including your own children?"

And then at the end of the letter. "I am not convinced by your words, however, that you have proven to me, without any doubt, that no other child will be a victim in your hands. It is not my responsibility to prove that. That burden of proof falls in your hands."


Does he even know the definition of unfair?

MAKING ASSUMPTIONS? It's because nobody made any assumptions before that this abuse was allowed to happen for so long.

2. Doesn't live in the American community only Japanese. So I presume that it's o.k. to sexually molest Japanese girls, as long as they aren't America. What does living in the Japanese community have to do with any of this?

3. If 95% of his programs are for adults, then how come the only ones we can find on the web pertain to children?

4. Why did N. Sensei and him part ways? No explaination.

5. 32 degrees celsius? What's that have to do with this? And to think he needed to share with you that he doesn't think in "farenheit" anymore??? Who CARES.

6. If he has a heart attack because of all this stress, will he blame that on us?

7. His debt has increased from $40,000 just last week to $90,000 this week. HELLO!!! Why doesn't he just sell his BEACH house. I don't have a BEACH house.

8. ETC. I wonder how many of his victims would appreciate being refered to as ETC.

9. Janet wants proof. WHAT DOES HE EXPECT? I guess since nobody has done anything for 30 years, he just wants 30 years more of peace.

10. Of course his wife doesn't see their relationship as abuse. Neither do thousands of other women who either are married to pedophilias or sexual abusers. She also doesn't want to lose the life style she's been living in ( I can't blame her).

11. He still doesn't understand what restitution means. Why don't you ask him to write a paper on the term "restitution" and research victims of child abuse and the suffering they go through. Why doesn't he search out what we need and come up with a good solution?

This letter was good for me to read because it just made me angry. Hopefully, I can proceed with a clearer head now. My friend who is my confidant has agreed to meet with me as much as I need to so I may also resort to that. My time this week is limited so I'm trying to be as mindful of that as possible.

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