Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day Forty-three JBM - Reunion

Every year the Southern Baptist Missionaries from Japan get together and have a reunion. About twenty years ago, I started joining them. As time went by, more and more MK's started coming and we have made this a tradition in our lives.

Tomorrow, we all gather again, to re-unite. We have some coming from California, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, New Mexico, Tenessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana and many other places. Often it reminds me of the movie, Same Time Next Year with Allen Alda and Susan Sarandon.

We'll be together from Thursday until Sunday and then on Sunday evening, my two sisters and I will stay together to rest and debrief about the weekend. I look forward to the reunion with my non-blood cousins. Although, often I feel closer to them that any of my blood cousins.

So, while we all wait........... I'll be reunioning.

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  1. I do eagerly await and as one of your non-blood cousins who couldn't make it to the reunion, I am highly jealous. I find strength in what you have gone through with and you posting your experience in this blog. Keep up the good work- you know this "cousin" loves you!
    D. Emanuel