Monday, October 19, 2009

Day Forty-one - Waiting

As we waited for a response we still received emails and communications from different people. I remember receiving a call from a friend of mine who I was really close to during my seventh and eighth grade years but her family left to go on furlough our ninth grade year and my family went on our sophomore year and we ended up growing apart. Evidently, she was probably being abused the same time as me but we didn't even know it. Then, when she returned back to Japan after furlough her family moved about two hours away from ASIJ so Jack convinced her parents to let her live with him.

During her high school years, she lived with Jack in Mitaka and he basically treated her as his wife. I can't believe her parents allowed their daughter to live with a teacher 30 years her senior and didn't suspect a thing. When I talked to her in 2003 she was ready to go to Japan with Michele and me. She was furious. He had been in touch with her later, trying to convince her to come back to Japan and actually marry him. I found out that he did that with several different people. At the time, she shared with me that she was still struggling with relationships because of him. Does that surprise you?

Also, while we waited, we heard from people who were furious with us. Why are you doing this? I don't believe you. You are lying. If he was going to choose anyone it would have been me. And on and on we heard denial and accusations. One of the reason why people who have been abused have such a hard time coming out is because of fear of rejection. Well, we got our share, trust me. But we also got our share of affirmation and encouragement. Our determination and support from each other and others really helped us continue to make sure he would not work with children anymore.

Still waiting.........

I talked to someone today........she was another....... never told anyone....... really don't know how many.....before today, no one knew.


  1. I can't believe that someone would actually say you were lying because "if he was going to choose anyone it would have been me."!!!! Like that would have made it alright? I,as mentioned before, had many of the same issues around self esteem and wanting to be noticed/somebody and it could very easily have been me ~ but wasn't for whatever the reason. But never in my wildest dreams would I think someone was making this up because I "wished" I'd been a chosen student of his - even though at the time I thought I wanted to be one of the "chosen". My heart goes out to you ~ this has to be one of the hardest trials you've ever been (are going) through. Not pity, just strength and admiration.

  2. Anonymous - This is just an example of how manipulative he was. I just see that person as another of his abused. :(