Monday, September 14, 2009

Day Ten - Morning

God is my refuge and strength and ever present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

With only a few minutes to write this morning, I was hoping to share with you about the old women under the street. The significance of this story, however; is not about the old women who lived under the street but about my state of mind at the time as an eleven/twelve year old.

Miyake is only several miles around in circumference. It maybe took 45 minutes to drive around the entire island. I may be off a little on that. Often, at night we would go out and drive to do something - only one memory comes to what that was - I will share that later. Anyway, this particular night as we were driving we came around a curve and I noticed that these lights on the road lit up as we were coming around the curve. They were little lights in the center of the road spaced about a yard or two apart. I was facinated by those lights and couldn't figure out how they came on when a car approached. I then asked Jack, "How do those lights on the street come on when a car comes around the corner?" He looked at me confused and said, "What lights?" As we approached another curve (we were on a small island after all) I pointed and stated, "Look, those lights." Jack said, "Oh, THOSE lights. Well, there are little old ladies that live under the street that turn them on when a car is coming." For ever and a day, I believed him. I trusted him and was obviously very gullible. Now, before you are too quick to judge me as stupid, might I remind you to just go back a few years in your own life. You may not have to go that far.

I believe that this story just illustrates my state of mind as an eleven/twelve year old. And to this day, I still wonder how those old ladies get underneath the street!!
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