Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Fifty-Nine

I guess you can imagine our reaction to this response. Unbelievable!! Can you believe that he actual equated the physical abuse to a relationship? Doesn't this show you how sick he was and how sick people can be? The really hard part for me was that the only recollection he had of his abuse of me was driving in a car and him putting his hand under my shirt. He didn't remember placing my futon next to his in the middle room at night. He didn't remember! I wonder if that's why he was so incensed that I was upset? To him, I was just another slight mistake.  He also didn't remember running the dogs with me on the golf course and he said our "relationship" began in 1971  at the end of my seventh grade year.  It actually began in the beginning of my seventh grade year in 1970.

It's amazing to me how he continues to use the word "crush". Or he would say, "I really liked her." As if sexually molesting an eleven year old was a "relationship".

Another interesting observation is that he didn't remember everyone. I do think that if I had not been involved in his exposure, he might not have remembered me. As the crowd from the 90's said, "Whatever!!"

It is going to take some time to filter through the rest of the emails from Michele. Thank you for continuing to follow through all of this. It may take several more weeks/months. Please write and let me know your thoughts. Have a wonderful Christmas.

I will finish!!

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