Monday, April 4, 2016

I never thought this day would come.

Monday morning, April 4, 2016.  Early rise - stress relief - running on the treadmill in the workout room.

We all planned to meet at the breakfast place in the Hotel New Otani main lobby, but the breakfast buffet was about $40 a person and not everyone wanted to pay that much so we ended up being fragmented in our start of the morning.

I supposed my emotions were on high alert because while meeting up at the restaurant with the others, the host asked several of us to wait to be seated.  He then directed us to the waiting area. When we didn't stand exactly where he wanted us to wait, he then directed us again behind the line. My childhood of shame and not obeying returned making me into a weak, emotional basket case.  I guess it wasn't him or the humiliation I felt that was actually occurring but more my anticipation of what awaited this significant and monumental day.

I'll write more about it, hopefully, this afternoon.

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