Monday, December 7, 2015

Teachers - new epiphany

Epiphany 12.7.15
After a full day of not sure of anything.....I was laying in bed in an attempt of sleep.  Drifting in and out of sleep a thought occurred to me.  Why do I have such a hard time with teachers? 
So many people think of teachers as hero's.  Teachers are our "friends".  Teachers aren't paid enough.  Teachers are the un-sung hero's. 

For those of you who are my family and friends who are teachers, this is not about you. 

From the time my son, Michael, was three, I had  a really hard time with teachers.  I bucked the system.  I didn't trust them. I fought hard to defend my children.  I didn't listen to the problems my children were having, I always listened to my children and never trusted the teachers.  I believed everything my children told me, never did I trust the teachers, much to my children's detriment.

I remember a conversation with the director of the child care center my oldest son, Michael and my daughter, Kelli attended.  She was explaining the problems she was having with Michael then 4 or 5   or 6.  And I always defended him.  Was I right?  Not necessarily but now I understand why I was that way.  Michael was a strong willed child.  But I always defended him.  No matter what. 
I now understand why.  It wasn't until tonight that I realized that as a child, nobody defended me.  I was left in a cruel old fashioned world that adults were always right and children had to obey. Well,  look what that got me.  Sexually abused at eleven through thirteen.  Destitute for failure. 

This is something that should be shouted from the roof tops.  For all you great teachers out there, I am thankful.  But, there is something that has to be said and must be said.  Not all teachers are saints. 
I've seen many bumper stickers that say , "not all priests are bad".  Well, I think that there may be an equal bumper sticker that says, "not all teachers are saints." 

Parents,  it is your responsibility to stand up for your child(ren).  It is your responsibility to go to the school administration if the teacher is not teaching your child.  If your child doesn't fit the "box" then speak out about it.  Be involved.  Find out what is going on with your child.  Be his/her advocate.  Trust your instinct.  If something doesn't seem right then ask, investigate, pull your child from doing something that feels wrong.  Do it.  Protect your child!  Trust me.  You may be saving your child from death. 

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