Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I want to share my dream I had last week with you.   

We were heading to a reunion. It was my sister, Cherryl, and me. On the way we met another ASIJ alumni who had three children with her. We met on a random place on a very high trafficked multi-lane road. There were no buildings around and we just pulled onto a spot off the road. When we got into the car, the lady and the three children were all sitting in the back seat so I asked her if she wanted me to drive since I knew the way. 

I got in the car but the seat belt wouldn't buckle and I couldn't reach the pedals properly. I pulled into a huge lane of traffic and had to back into the center lane because cars were coming fast in the other lanes. I was using my left foot to brake and my right foot to quickly accelerate but couldn't seem to get it all working together. My toes were reaching the pedals but I felt very vulnerable and at risk. 

The next thing that happened was that all three children were sitting in the front seat with me. One was sitting in my lap and the other two next to me unbuckled. I kept on trying to drive while they were sitting in the front but I was scared because I couldn't protect them. 

Then all of a sudden the car I was driving was attached by a long string that was attached to another car about four car lengths in front of me. The car in front didn't appear to be aware that I was attached to it. It was driving erratically and I was trying to keep up with it because I was attached to it. I was crossing multiple lanes of traffic with three children in the front seat not buckled up. We finally were able to pull over because the car in front stopped. I jumped out to cut the string and couldn't find anything to cut it with. 

The next thing that happened was Cherryl, the other person and I walked into a restaurant to go to the bathroom. The children stayed in the car by themselves. We went into the restaurant and I became increasingly worried about the children. I wanted to leave and go get the children but the owner of the restaurant wouldn't let me leave. Cherryl and the other person were allowed to leave but I couldn't leave. The owner of the restaurant was a very strong and powerful man who apparently had many under his authority. All the women in the restaurant were women who he abducted and were not able to leave. 

I tried to be really nice to everyone. There were quite a few men in the restaurant who also worked there. It appeared to be a sex ring and they all worked together. I tried to find sympathy from any one of the men and thought I did from one of them. He quietly said, "follow me". I thought he was going to get me out of there but instead he took me into the basement. There were other men in the basement and some of the women who had been upstairs and been there for a while were down in the basement too. 

There was one other woman who had been abducted around the same time as me. We tried to console each other. The other women (who seemed to all be Japanese or Asian) hated us. Then the other woman who I was with said, "Your friends are trying to reach you." I turned around and the basement was open to the outside. There was a train track right next to where I was being held. All the people who were going to the reunion were on the train, looking out at me, wishing that they could help me but couldn't. Then the train went down the tracks as i watched them leave. 

 That's the end of my dream

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